One of India’s leading organizations, Squaria Global is a pioneer and provides a varied range of services to common man in the fields of training (skill development), e-Governance projects including UIADI, eKYC, CSC, financial inclusion, etc. We are a medium for the citizens to interact with the entire government framework. Through these projects, we enable easier, transparent, efficient and convenient access to Government services for citizens. We strive to deliver the best and quick outcomes through standard processes and thus offer quality solutions to layman. It also enhances better exchange of information communication transactions.

With the help of latest technology, we deliver Government-to-citizen services and other business to consumer services to the deserted rural, semi-urban and urban markets. Having unparalleled execution capabilities, we have a proven track record of plenty successful stories related to products and services. This enables every family to benefit from various schemes like smart card as a health insurance, Aadhar card and other financial advantages. We make the best efforts to strengthen the relationship between Government and citizens by making an easy communication between them and helping to fulfill each others’ needs in efficient and economical manner. We make an easy communication system for the customers or citizens who have no internet access, people living in rural or low income areas and also Government to customer technology can be problematic for those who lack computing skills and also for people having language barriers. In such cases, Squaria Global plays an utmost role to assist the Indian citizens for completing all the formalities which are required to benefit from all schemes.

We empower a large section of society in a financial way, our vast retail network allows them to indulge in mainstream activities of an emerging economy including consumption, savings and investment. We ensure that Financial Inclusion is completed for all where every unbanked people are helped by opening zero balance accounts at their door step also including some benefits provided to them. This is done to improve the GDP of the country.