Skill Development and Training

Squaria Global believes in imparting skill development and training classes to people making them proficient in cutting edge technologies. This enables people to gain a supreme environment to learn and experience through interaction with different personnel. This helps in creating opportunities for the poor thereby increasing labour force and income levels of BPL people. With appropriate strategies implementation for training, the lives and standard of thousands of people can be improved. Their socio economic status will be improved which facilitates the chances of jobs and placement. Squaria Global believes in developing a collaborative network with agencies which are expertise in training, curriculum development, certification and placement. We value every stakeholder for the projects coming up for skill development and training. Here, with experienced and capable HR resources, manpower management is done at ease fulfilling the requirement of the industry. With a vast pool of training expertise for various sectors, Squaria Global wins brownie points over others. We do not compromise on the quality of training we impart.

With an objective of creating an empowered workforce with updated and necessary skills, Squaria Global seeks a good participation from rural youth, men, women, disabled and other disadvantaged sections of various sectors. A sustainable development process will establish and various challenges and opportunities will be addressed. A great transformation will take place converting unskilled poor workers into skilled workers. Certification may also be provided after the completion of training. By providing the basic technology based skills to the poor and marginalized communities, they will enhance their speed in every work they perform. This will improve their educational and health standards as well. By imparting training for income generating activities, we will be able to improve their living standards and they will be able to impart the knowledge to their upcoming generation.