Careers- HR Policy

Dual mission: Quality Service and Employee Growth

At Squaria Global, we believe in good employee relationship throughout the organization. Our laid down guidelines ensure a uniform and fair treatment of everyone and the policies are the standards which need to be followed. It enables a more confident working environment with no personal bias involved. Setting our HR policies has also led to more prompt decisions with no time and energy wastage in solving problems.

We nurture our team with great opportunities assisting them in personal growth with training facilities. Guiding them to the right path through general policies and specific policies related to compensation, staffing and collective bargaining, has been our main concern. Our HR management team develops the HR policies so that employee productivity and administration activities are improved and smoothened. We take care of employee health, safety and security and maintain unity in workplace diversity. We keep the employees and staff motivated through training and development programs. We make sure to seek employees’ views while creating HR policies to make a consistent and fair implementation to everyone. Then after consultation with management and representatives, we implement, monitor and carry out the policies.

We hire quality manpower that has the required skills and knowledge to follow the objectives of our organization. People who are passionate to understand the needs of the public, their basic requirements and are enthuse to help rural and semi urban people in every step, are the ones we seek for. Employees are given opportunities to explore different fields for work. This way, both employees and public are benefitted as employees get a growth in career and public are being served quality products and services through talented pool of employees.