Adhaar PVC Card

As we all know Adhaar Card is important for authentication of identity information and individual records. When you get your Adhaar card, it is important to keep it safe for lifetime. When you print your card in a PVC material it is easier to carry and keep it safe. Adhaar PVC card services are available in Squaria Global. Print your cards in form of adhaar PVC card and make it convenient and secured. PVC is a plastic material that makes the card waterproof. So whenever you are travelling and sweating, you need not get scared to keep it safely, just put it in your purse, wallets or bags.

Aadhar card is a card bearing 12 digit identification number for an individual. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority (UID) of India on behalf of the Government. The Adhaar card helps in opening bank accounts, avail LPG and acquire a mobile connection. It is valid all over India and works as an identity and proof of address. You can enroll anywhere in India for Adhaar card. Therefore, its importance is very high and in order to keep it handy and safe, it is important to print them as high quality PVC card. You can reach Squaria Global for the Adhaar PVC card printing services.